Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Walk In My Shoes: The Coffee Run & Creative Inspiration

Today was a very, very surprisingly nice day.

So I've still been extremely busy with schoolwork, and class takes up too much time (as does rest), but I managed to get my sorry ass out of bed this morning, go and get coffee (as I usually do) at Starbucks ('cause the coffee place here, Cafe Nero, sucks!), and forced myself to take pictures along the way.

You can now see what I see, virtually every day, at least 3 times per day, because it is all about 100-200 yards from my room. The common route du Stacy.
From the corner, outside King's, looking down King's Parade. The college on the right, shops/coffee/stuff on the left. Then, of course, the enormous, intimidating front gate of King's, of which I have constant and unlimited access as a member of the College. =)

Next is the tiny little road that leads to the central market (not the center of Cambridge, by any means, but definitely the apparent center of our college universe), past the amazing Barclay's (bank) which I stop at far more than I should. Then, of course, the market place, where you can get pretty much anything. Flowers, bread, clothes, CDs/records/DVDs, really... anything.

Just past the market is the Starbucks. Then I turn around and head down a different road, leading past the Cambridge Bookstore, several extremely photogenic phonebooths and St. Mary's Church -- which is always open and has bells every 5 frickin' minutes.

after entering through the large, fortress-like gate, this is the view we have of the King's main courtyard -- just across through the 2nd black doorway from the left is where my film seminar is. After making a left, you approach this amazing doorway, leading to our main area of hangout: the King's College Bar. Everything happens here.

Following coffee is usually class. My last class of the day today (Wednesday) was my Creative Writing seminar, which takes place in this humble area: Bodley's Court. As you can see, it is the one area in King's this side of the Cam that has grass you can sit on. And we do. (My class happens just beyond that big bush.)

It's kind of gorgeous, I'm not gonna lie.

leaving Bodley's Court, we get a fantastic view of the Backs -- punters on the Cam and the great King's Chapel (here, with a very smiley Spencer and Megan).

And then it's nap-time. Stay tuned for more picture tours.


  1. you lucky little thing!
    it is so so so nice to see what you see day to day.
    i miss you so much...and is it weird that i'm insanely jealous of carlin cuz she gets to spend time with you?

  2. Great update! This is the one I was waiting for!

    Funny thing (sorta): I was watching Emma Watson on Jay Leno, and he asked her what she likes to do in her spare time/when she was younger and did normal people stuff. She said she LOVES LOVES LOVES to go "punting", and then she proceeded to explain it to Jay. Then she was all "Well, it sounds really boring, but it's not! Really! Especially if you're horrible at it, like me!" So cute, and I just thought "YAY!! I know what that means!!" Thanks for the trivia knowledge, Stace. :)

    ps. Alex, NO, it's not weird that you're jealous of Carlin, because I AM TOO! I wanna hang out at the bar with Stacy......