Friday, July 20, 2007

Punt This Way: Cam Trip #2

Today is a disgustingly British day. Yesterday was so sunny and warm and beautiful -- all day -- and today there is constant downpour. Very upsetting, because I wanted to see Hairspray, but can't walk that far in the rainy rain. So I may just have to postpone that trip until tomorrow or Sunday. Holy crap, I'm just waiting for the frickin' thunder to start. It is raining so hard.

Yesterday I went punting for the 2nd time, this time I got a chance to do the actual punting, which was definitely harder than I thought. It's just a matter of getting your coordination down, and figuring out the right way to put the pole so that you turn the way you want. I only went about 100 yards (I parked us), and it took a good 10 minutes or so.

Here are Bri and Austin heading down to the punting area. We're so special 'cause we're King's College members. =) And that punting stick is looooooong.

I was gonna post a lot of pictures, but I figure the videos would be more appropriate. Two of 'em, which was definitely not enough, but I ran out of memory on my camera. Enjoy.

Highlights, mostly having to do with Bri, explained because they're difficult to hear/see:

- Bri thinking that a guy on the side of the river looked like Jerry Garcia.
- Bri making up/reporting trivia about Wren Library, which she mistakenly calls "Wren College," and nobody acknowledging poor punt-master Austin when he corrects her numerous times by saying that it's actually Trinity College.
- Bri telling me, as we're going under the bridge: "I saw so much PDA on the streets today I couldn't help myself but think of what you said yesterday about 'What is this, the city of fuckin' love?'" (it's true.... these people in this town are all over each other).
- Dan attempting to feed a duck wine just after the time ran out on video #1.
- The entrance to St. John's really does look like a vagina.
- We get hit by other punts, several times.

PS. Austin, Dan and Michelle are punting geniuses. I suck at punting.

Here's a picture of that calf I was talking about several, several posts ago. Cute, huh? That's one side of the cam, then there's the other (which, every time I see it, looks like a postcard).


  1. oh, I'm sad you didn't get to see "Hairspray"... I wanna talk to you about it!!! :(
    But when you see it, I want you to keep this in mind: ELIJAH KELLEY as Sammy Davis Jr.
    Think about it. :D

    Great post, though! It made me happy, and I'm jealous 'cause I wanna go punting.

  2. you are so so good at documenting stacy, i'm so glad you can do that and show us peeps in the states what you are up to.
    and i have been listening to savage garden as well...i feel so close to you now.