Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Lush Fest

Carlin and I are lushes.

2nd week in a row that we've brought wine and some sort of food to our Cinema & Identity screening. Luckily, our professor Patrick is just sad that we don't bring him a Guinness. For sure, next week, we will. As well as our usual wine and spot in the back of the room.

Normally I would think I was annoying during these screenings, and perhaps someone thinks she and I both are, but sometimes our "Oooo"s and "Oh no she didn't!"s are just what the class needs to lighten the fuck up. No one really wants to be there when they can be in the King's Bar or at The Eagle drinking.

Tonight's movie, Millions Like Us, was actually really good, and very well-written. I was not so "comfortable" on the wine that I didn't notice it had really good dialogue. It made me want to watch A League of Their Own.

The two guys who were supposed to drink with us in the back totally bailed, so we say SCREW 'EM! Or rather, whatever. We made a new friend, Dean, and we'll convince him to drink wine with us next time. Maybe we'll even have some beer, step it up a notch.

Been a weird day, slept a lot. My brain is working harder than my body is capable of acknowledging, so the end result is more sleep. It's only 10 p.m. and though I'd rather be out with certain people, I'm glad to just get to read, and maybe actually something for class. Who knows. Miracles happen.

Love to everyone.

PS. I'm sooo over Cute Guy. Though he's still beautiful.

PPS. Seeing Much Ado About Nothing on campus this week, and will be taking part in an all-night Harry Potter Party at the local Waterstone's on Friday night, to get my 7th book. Most people are going on the Dublin trip this weekend, so I can comfortably lock myself in my room, read HP7 all night, and then sleep all day Saturday. I want to be done before the people in California can even get the book, boo ya!


  1. awww, you suck! I'll be so jealous if you finish before I even GET it! but you probably will. You can't post ANYTHING about it on here though, because there's no "cuts" or anything. Not cool, Kool-Aid.

    Love you!

  2. i love that you are turning into a lush...just like my entire year abroad!

  3. I miss you! I'm so excited you're having a good time and seeing amazing things. I can't think of anything original to say because I'm so jealous, words have completely escaped my brain.