Monday, July 2, 2007

Paris, Part IV

Last day. And as far as Jess and I are concerned, only one more attraction to go.

Le Louvre

Originally we weren't sure we wanted to venture it. It's just too damn big. But on our last day we decided that we should just go and see part of it, for just a few hours. No harm, no foul, and only a few Euro spent.

The building is amazing. Once a palace, the halls seem to go on forever and ever and ever.

Every time I see that stupid pyramid, I can't not think of The DaVinci Code, that stupid book.

Oh well.

Okay, to tell you the truth, I'm lazy and have been posting too much and just want to get through this. I apologize, but I just don't care enough of the Louvre. No writing. Just a few pictures. The Venus de Milo, some busts, and a sculpture and you're in good shape.

There were paintings, but I have had enough of paintings. The Mona Lisa, which I could not get a picture of, was not NEARLY as small as everyone keeps telling me is it. It's a normal sized painting. NORMAL! I don't want to hear anything different again. Seriously. People and their idea of scale is totally off. Yeah.

Jessie and I rounded off our trip with an afternoon of sitting in the park. Absolutely breathtaking scenery. I would NOT mind living on this property.

Jessie will have to correct me, but I know that the name of this park includes Luxembourg. Other than that I'm at a loss as to how to properly pronounce the name.

I'd actually loved to have spend the entire day here. It was a little chilly, and not sunny at all, but still: there were hardly any tourists, and it was as peaceful a place as you're likely to find in the middle of Paris.

The only thing that would have made all of this better would have been if we'd had a bottle of wine.

Yum-O. (Aw, I miss Rachael.)

All in all I had a really excellent time in Paris. The French, I think, are so very different from us in so many ways, and it was very enlightening to live in France for almost 2 weeks.

I love and adore Jessie for lugging me around and speaking French to people for me, since I'm a total moron. I'd probably be in some gutter in Toulouse if it were not for Jessie.

Despite my appreciation for Paris, I was definitely looking forward to getting to England. I don't like being judged, and girls in Paris, well, they judge. All the time. No matter what. I'd just prefer not to be looked at at all. This not to say I met no nice French people, because I did, blah de blah, I don't want to generalize, but whatever, it was fun, etc. etc. etc.

I'm just too tired and have class in half an hour so I must hurry this all along. I know that I have not done Paris (much less France in general) justice at all, and that is really all my own fault. But hopefully you got to see some of what I experienced, which really was sensational.

Best wishes. Good-bye Paris!

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  1. Thanks for all of these posts, Stace! Very clear and organized :) And is that your new jacket I see you wearing in these pics?? SO CUTE! Buy me one! hahaa ;)

    Can't wait to hear about your classes at Cambridge and how everything is there. Miss you lots!

    much love,