Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Just One of Those Things

I actually anticipated this, but it doesn't make it any less annoying.

My iPod has died. Dead. No longer in service. Normally I'd be upset because all my music is lost, but right now, I only listen to, like, 25 songs anyway, all of which are on my computer. As long as that doesn't break down or get stolen (::knock wood::) my music situation will be fine. And I backed up everything on my external which is at home.

No, the sad thing is the idea of traveling, alone, without it. An Air India flight without music... I don't... I think I would die. The pain would probably be too much for me to handle.

Also, this means I have to take notes now in British Theatre, since I can't record the lectures.

Hmph. What terrible timing, but life goes on.

Good things! Pub crawling tomorrow with Pembroke dudes and King's girls, right after I finally take in the King's Chapel service and the King's Choir -- a 500 year old tradition, the most honored in the country. I wanted to record it for you, Dad, but... well... anyway.

PS. The reason I haven't taken more pictures is because I've run out of batteries. A 4-pack of AA's here costs about £4, which is almost $9. As much as I need batteries (and I will get them) spending that kind of money on something that will only last me a day hurts a little. I'll suck it up.

PPS. We have the cutest, coolest TAs ever. More on that when I have pictures/videos of them.


  1. Crapola! I feel you on the iPod thing - I've been without mine for over a year. It's shitty, but you get used to it. You're right: what can you do?

    Have fine pub-crawling, or whatever. :) I got home to Livermore tomorrow, and I'm bringing Bartleby! Mom and Dad are gonna have so much fun with him.

    love you!

  2. I'm sorry about your ipod...may it rest in peace. As for the batteries. I understand. I bought a pack for 2.60 at a train station only to find out that they were already drained. Fortunately I got a pack of good ones on campus for like 2.