Monday, July 2, 2007

Paris, Part II

Our second day was fun, because Jess' friend Kailey met up with us -- she was visiting a friend whom she went to high school with and who now lives in Paris. We tackled the "upper" part of the city, which includes some really awesome sights.

Le Sacre Coeur

Paris is relatively flat everywhere with the exception of Le Sacre Coeur, which is located on this absolutely ginormous hill in one of the outer areas. It is a cathedral that overlooks all of Paris, and while this was probably one of the most tourist-heavy areas that we ventured into, it was definitely worth it for the view.

Unfortunately, this is a church I know very little about. All I can tell you is that it's beautiful, and from the inside, even more so. I couldn't take any pictures, but it's apparently (I've been told) more impressive that the Notre Dame, and there are candles everywhere.

Like most tourist sights, I got my fill quickly. I like seeing things, taking pictures, then moving on. Which we did.

Pere Lachaise (yes, I know there is supposed to be an accent over the "e" - I'm too lazy right now)

This was an interesting trip. Probably the largest graveyard IN HISTORY (not really, but it seemed like it) was our next order of business.

Pere Lachaise is famous because it "homes" the tombs of such famous individuals as Balzac, Oscar Wilde, and Jim Morrison (those were some of the ones I knew, though there were many many many more). You can see Kailey in front of Jim Morrison's grave -- which has been gated off, we assume because too many people were buying condoms in the Metro and having sex on it... which I can't say is a terribly awful idea, in the scheme of things. And then you have me in front of Oscar Wilde's, which has been covered in kisses and writing and all kinds of horrid things. Out of love, I'm sure, but I have mixed feelings about defacing it. Part of me is like, "Aw, that's nice, people love him," the other part of me is saying "You god-damned heathens."

Oh well.

It was trippy. What else can I say?

That night we ventured into the 6ยบ arrondissement for beers with a few of Kailey's friend Anna's friends. It was a fancy (yet inexpensive) beer bar, and I got myself a Monaco -- beer, lemonade and grenadine. Very interesting, and sweet. It was my type of atmosphere -- sitting down and chatting over drinks rather than a hot, sticky, smoky bar full of sketchy people. Jess and I didn't do many bars in Paris, and this was much different from our nights out in Toulouse, so it was a cool change, for both of us, I think.

A side-note, unrelated to the city of Paris. One of our roommates in our hostel was named Elad, and he was the funniest effin guy I've met in a long time. He was from Israel, and he loved Disneyland and McDonald's and was very talkative and made friends with us very easily. He insisted that we wake him up in the morning, and he did this by leaving this note on my luggage:

Dear J and S:

please, please, please, please, please,
please, please, please, please, please

tap me on the shoulder when u get
out in the morning (no matter when)

I would really appreciate it
(just a tap -- maybe a little push =P)

Thanks very much,
(bottom bunk today)

I laughed. I love this kid. Wherever you are, Elad, you rock my world.

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