Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Generalities, travels, food, etc.

Mondays are my long day, but yesterday was actually fun because Carlin and I brought a bottle of Shiraz Cabernet (like the lushes we are) and dark chocolate to our Cinema screening (which had a little too many gay undertones even for my liking, but that's what you get with Noel Coward) and along with this guy Ben drank it right out of the bottle. 'Cause we're classy like that.

Afterwards, seeing as how the only thing to do in Cambridge at night besides punting or sleeping in a gutter is going out to a bar, we headed to The Eagle -- the corner pub that is really amazing. It's got an older crowd, but young too; the entire atmosphere is just completely chill.

So Carlin, myself, Ben, this other guy Nick and this girl Sarah all went for drinks and met up with our professor, Patrick Phillips (he's our cinema-expert-yo). We ended up getting into an enormous discussion about race and politics and Carlin seemed excited to put her sociology major hat on. I would have prefered to talk about film, but hey! Drinking with professors is awesome, and I don't really care what's talked about.

Okay, so there is food open late in Cambridge: a cart of burgers, hot dogs (sketch), kebabs and "chips" in the Market Square.

Last week was a good time, all about getting acclimated to the area, and I got to see some nice parts of Cambridge (yes, yes, I know, I should be posting more pictures, and I will, I swear). But now I am getting in the mood to travel again and see more.

There has been some drama with signing up for trips, and while my plans are not necessarily concrete yet for anything, I still have some intended plans:

London this weekend!! Seeing Othello at The Globe and spending all Saturday exploring the craziness that is the Big City. Got a hotel room with some girls and we're all cramming in for Saturday night and treking back on Sunday sometime. Should be craziness.

Dublin. Amsterdam. Edinburgh. Top places of interest, plans are in the works, sign-ups have been a little annoying so I might be taking matters into my own hands. There are only so many weekends, unfortunately...

There are also places in the surrounding areas that I am interested in checking out, and I still have to go and visit Barbara!! (That might have to be during the week at the start of August, hon... how does that sound?)

Ok. Enough bullet-point updates. Pictures are coming, I love everyone in the world and miss everyone too.

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  1. I don't have anything as of yet planned for then (other than potentially taking a day trip to Cardiff or somewhere in England), but give me dates and we'll work something out.