Monday, July 23, 2007

A little tipsy right now...

Hello hello hello...

Just a general update here. Nothing has really been happening, except a bunch of business. After finishing Harry, I dedicated myself to focusing on my short story "Token For Perdita," which as of today, my half-way mark got great marks in class! =) So that is exciting. If it is up to snuff at the end of the week when it is due, I'll post it here. It's very, very, very (should I continue?) basic and straight-forward as far as short stories go -- my goal was to just write one, even if it was boring and predictable. Having never written one, I just wanted to do it and see that I was capable of telling even the most pointless of stories in 3000 words.

Today was insane -- Week 4, which means all 4 week classes have their finals this week. For some reason, all 8 week classes don't have lectures this week, so all of my seminars were moved to today, which made my already 2 lecture, 1 seminar, 1 screening Monday very, very full. Needless to say, the movie we watched today, The Way Ahead, was entertaining, and Carlin and I brought our usual cheese, bread, wine and fruit -- this time sharing with our fantastic guy pals, Sean, Dean and Mark. Also, Nick, Ben and Ben's visiting friend Terren were allowed to bask in our bread and chocolates! =)

Carlin and I are the token females and we know how to provide our men with good food and drink! (Wow, these 1940's war films are really rubbing off on me in a bad, bad way...)

Afterwards we rewarded ourselves -- after such an extremely long and exhausting day -- a trip out to The Eagle for a pint, where we talked movies and hot celebs with Dean and Sean. I love these boys, they're so chill and easy to get along with! Thank God we have more screenings. That just means more wine and bread and... well, you get it.

Edinburgh is this weekend, which is more than fantastically exciting -- I cannot wait! Dublin plans have been made concrete -- last weekend of the programme, we're going with an enormous group of people; Carlin, me, Austin and Dan are sharing a hotel room and I made the plane/train reservations last night. Crossing fingers, hoping everything works out. Cannot WAIT for Dublin.

I originally wanted to go to Amsterdam, but I'm afraid that that isn't going to end up happening. I could go, but while being in England, I'd like to try and make plans for day-trips around the country. Bath, Stonehenge, down to see Barb!!! Also, Oxford is so very close -- I want to make sure I see it. And Ely too.

So, we'll see. Almost half-way there. Will be very sad to approach the end, but there is still so much to be done!

Love to everyone. Peace.


  1. Hi Stacy...

    This sounds like a busy week ... and after ploughing (notice the British spelling!!) through HP the reading for the week should seem light ... at least in length. Looked up some of the movies you are seeing for your film class... the ones with which I was unfamiliar -- and they sound very interesting. Would love to see some of the 'home front' movies done there as I'm pretty familiar with the American ones... and Mrs. Miniver, while set in Merry OE is quite Hollywood ... wonderful though since it has Greer Garson! :) ... check your email as I left a message and need to hear back ... how exciting ... Scotland this weekend ... you take the high road... or the low road ... and you'll be in Scotland before us! Loving your posts ... thanks and write me back in response to my emails... love you!! Dad

  2. Are you still planning to come the weekend of the 3rd? Let's working something exciting out!

  3. Wooooo Stacy!

    Crazy how if you sit down and actually write something people don't automatically hate it, huh? I've got some 6,000+ word pieces to write that are going to bloody kill me, but I'm bringing a chunk in next week for feedback too.

  4. I WANT TO READ IT. ALL CAPS CANNOT EXPRESS MY DIRE NEED FOR SOME STACE-LIT. Ok, I'm not gonna lie, that sounds really dirty. I'll rephrase. I WOULD CERTAINLY LIKE TO READ SOME LITERATURE WRITTEN BY STACY. There, much more appropriate.