Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Poop poop

I'd like to send out a general apology for my down-trodden attitude lately. It's strange because I'm having such an amazing time -- I certainly don't mean to complain. Drama happens, and it isn't even my drama, so I'm going to focus on staying out of it. But people just have a way of springing up and causing stuff.

As I always say, I'm over it.

Check this out. Cambridge England clouds. All of us here agree: They don't make them like this in California. It seems like there could be countries 1,000 stories high inside these suckers.

That's the only landscape picture I have. Sitting around for hours watching people play rounders and enjoying the first sun all week only allowed for one angle of one thing. Indeed.

One thing that's been strange is how much I feel like this is home. I mean... I've been here a week. I haven't done any traveling because all Week One activities were Cambridge-based and I've had so much (so much, ouch) class, it's genuinely felt like school. 'Cause it is. But like I said: it'll be nice to travel to London this weekend and not worry about homework and making it to class.

Tonight was interesting: Night time punting on the Cam. I didn't take part in the actual punting, but everyone crowded on The Backs along the river with food and drinks and watched while people hit each other with punts. Also, the black swan and two of his fellow white friends were chillin' with the crowd, beggin' for food. I still can't get over how absolutely beautiful swans are.

And it happened. Finally. I was hoping it would happen and it did, though I hope this person doesn't somehow end up with the hiv. A dude fell in the Cam. Man.... he'll never live it down. No matter what, Hirsh (that's his name) is contaminated. Who knows what's in that water...

Many (too many) Santa Barbara people are crazy and loud. That's all I'm gonna say about that.

This is kind of a pointless update. Mainly: I can't believe how great a time I'm having, and it's difficult for me to explain without pictures, 'cause there just hasn't been a lot of time for it. King's is like home already, and I'm aching to explore more, but that may not happen too much until the next Module in August when I have more time during the week. Right now it's all about weekend trips, starting this weekend, alright! =)

I swear. You'll have pictures soon. They're coming, I just have to take them...

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  1. Jealous! I'm so happy you're having such a wonderful time, seriously. Keep updating, I wanna hear more - and yes, post more pictures! You keep saying you will, but you don't. :(

    miss you!!