Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Smart Dressers

You would have to be a student here to understand how exciting this was. And like most things, the novelty wore off pretty quick.

But I'm not gonna lie: Walking on the grass felt pretty cool. Except for the fact that my heels kept crushing through the grass, so I spent all of drink time walking on the balls of my feet to avoid aerating the King's Lawn. I just made life easier for some worms, oh well.
Monday was our second formal hall dinner. Can't say I was feeling my prettiest on this day, but hey! Wine and more wine and lots of free food and good people! I ain't complainin'.

There isn't a lot I can talk about with regards to this dinner, except that it was fun, the food was kind of iffy (but it's Britain... so... what else is new?), and I stole all of these pictures from Maxine and others, because I just don't have the space for a camera in my little, itty-bitty purse.
Here is part of the group, clockwise from top: Maxine, Rich, Phil, Dan, Carlin (who's gonna hate me for putting this up because she looks a little possessed =/), Austin, and me. Don't we all look so "smart"?? Meaning fancy. Except "fancy" actually means costume. Whatever.

This is just a good chance to show you pictures of people, since the last post was virtually ALL buildings and pretty nature things. Below: Maxine and Lauren (both SBers); Nick and Michelle; TA ladies Ariella and Becky (heh, that girl off to the side has no clue, the poor thing); then Mark and Spencer (you have to live in England and go grocery shopping to know why these two being friends is more than kind of funny) and Abby -- such a scandalous picture, props to Maxine for capturing it.

There was also karaoke. It was pretty painful, but when isn't it? We definitely managed to kill the party for a few minutes with a rather insane and virtually inaudible rendition of "I've Got Friends In Low Places," which I don't really know, but I yelled along, you know. Then someone saved the mood by playing "Since You've Been Gone," so all was well.

Here are some of the TA boys -- adorable Dave on the bottom and little, tiny Nick off to the right, singing their cute, British hearts out; and then a very beautiful one of the two coolest, most chill SBers ever, me and Bri!

Hurray. Exciting. Fun-ness overload. Ya ya ya.

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  1. Mark and Spencer....nice. I've learned that a good way to make your Americanness known is to scream country songs in public places. Good times.