Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Perks of Being a King's Fellow

Friday night was insanity, mainly because at about 10 p.m. there was a fireworks show outside my window. My window overlooks the library, which is the only barrier between me and the ginormous King's lawn and a view of the Cam. I was so excited, I couldn't do anything but film it.

It was the longest fireworks show I've ever seen. I found out afterwards that there was a very special dinner/celebration for all the Fellows of King's College and their families (ie. spouses). They proceeded to have a celebration of sorts in the King's Garden which is the area directly outside my window.

I would like to be a Fellow. You get to wear super smart black academic robes (not all the time, though, that would be silly), and most of all you get to walk on the lawn. Every time I see a Fellow tramp across the lawn -- they do it so well, too, they know they're special, and like New Yorkers they walk with conviction and purpose -- I just want to convince one to take me with them! (Fellows and their guests are the only ones besides the gardeners who can walk on the grass whenever they like.) I still have yet to really walk on the grass, like center of the lawn walking.

Soon. Monday night, actually, at drinks for our 2nd formal hall. I can't wait.

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