Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Wave Me Hello!

I'm finally home. Hurray. When traveling back, it really felt as though I would never make it. But I did. Yes.

My Air India flight actually totally rocked this time -- it always helps when it isn't a night flight and you have an empty buffer seat between you and other people. Plus, I had a window. The guy I sat 'next to' was named Omar, and he's British but have lived in New York City for 12 or so years. He was SO nice, and we talked all about the West Coast (which, thanks to my suggestions, he thinks he might go live there -- either San Diego or Seattle -- for a few months) and also about all the ways to find cheap places to live in NYC. He basically convinced me that bartending would be the best job. I think I might actually take a class, because, as he puts it, "If you're a great bartender in the city, you can make hundreds of dollars a night -- and that is at the upscale places. Everyone would want to hire you." So... that's cool.

But I digress. The flight was great. No worries at all, and it was a relief.

Getting to New York hurt my brain. TOOOOO hot. Not used to the humidity, 'cause England was just so not humid or hot.

My JetBlue flight sucked. Some stupid bitch and her retarded husband confined me to my row, and she kept looking over at me like I was crazy. I was so tired, I tried to pass out, but the bitch was reading a book (OK, I'll give her credit, she read the ENTIRE THING on the flight) and kept her light on. I can't sleep with light, 'cause I hate it, so it was tough. I thought I'd have to be carried off the plane, I was so exhausted.

Thanks to Mom and Dad and Shannon for meeting me at the airport, and apologies for being so incoherent. Sleep was all I needed.

Well. This is it. How sad. I don't know what I'm going to write about now. I guess non-important things. I will probably be writing one more big ENGLAND post, all about what I've learned from traveling and things. But it'll take me a while, 'cause I want it to be right.

Good to be home. Thanks everyone for reading all this time. =)

One final picture, 'cause it sums up my thoughts on traveling.

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    Can't wait to see you!