Thursday, August 2, 2007

Trip to Edinburgh, Day Two

This post is dedicated to the one full day I spent in Edinburgh, Scotland. This was also the day where Carlin, Maxine, JennyRae and I saw virtually no one else from our group and spent some real quality time getting to know one another.

We got kind of a late start, but eventually made it down the road (just past Mamma's pizza place) to Edinburgh Castle. It cost
£11 to get in, but it was so worth it. I think you could easily spend half a day there, but seeing as how we did not have half a day, it was a good two hours of exploring a very very old castle -- virtually a city, which is pretty amazing.
I'll just post some pictures so I don't have to describe anything.

There are tons of pics, so choosing them is difficult, so you'll just have to check out my Facebook albums for the whole deal.
Probably one of the stupidest moments of my life happened at this castle, and it's somewhat related to this very triumphant picture of me. See? It looks as though I have conquered this unsuspecting canon. I am magnificent and it is now my bitch. Except then I tried to straddle it and move forward. So this picture was taken about 30 seconds before I completely ate it off the side.

I cut my elbow and I may have dislodged something in my lower back. Ah well!

Following this escapade, we left and walked down the Royal Mile, basically in search of food. About a block from the castle, we ran into this happenin' street:
Yay for my totally boring yet exciting to see on a street sign surname! I got a little giddy. It made me all kinds of think of my dad. =)

We found a pub on my street, and I'm only reporting on this particular pub because we had such an amazing (and fattening) lunch there. And it's about time, because the food in Britain kind of blows.
Hmm... Stella...
When we saw that they had nachos, we basically flipped. And they were so good. Just what the doctor ordered, because I can't tell you how hard it is coming from California and not having access to any passable Mexican food. The guacamole was like Heaven in my mouth.
Anyway, following lunch, it was time to wander. And that's pretty much all we did for the rest of the day: walk aimlessly.

We got to see parts of the city that we may not have been able to see had we not gotten a little lost. The city is so beautiful, and after getting to see two great views of the city (Arthur's Seat and Edinburgh Castle) I got sad that we were only going to be there for one day, because there is so much to do and see. It just solidified for me that I'll have to go back again and see other parts of the city, not to mention the areas around it -- more castles and hills and lakes and great great stuff.
Instead of posting tons of pictures of the city, I'll cut to the night time. We were pretty exhausted after walking around all day and we went back to the room to nap before getting ready to find food and pubs.

We got pizza and chips at about 10:30pm, at the ONE place in all of Edinburgh (besides strip clubs) that serve food past 9pm on Sunday nights. We ate it all on a curb, shared some extra pizza with a bouncer and got a bottle of wine to share before heading up the road to a pub/club called Opium that had
£1 drinks!!

That means a lot of whiskey and cokes for so very little. Also gin and tonics. And Foster's (which, incidentally, is very popular and cheap here, but they don't actually even sell in Australia... yeah.)
We met 3 crazy Scotsmen at Opium after trying to figure out why a certain song that came on (which none of us had heard) made everyone in the pub freak out with excitement. (It was like what I do when "SexyBack" comes on.)

They also don't really know how to take pictures, as you can see.

Honestly, they didn't quite know what to do with us. "Is that how they dance in California?!?"

We stayed out pretty late, but with enough time to get home and sleep a little, at least. The guys wanted us to go with them to another club, but it had a cover charge, so we peaced.

Then I had to take a bath at home, because we didn't have hot water coming out of the shower head.

It was interesting.

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