Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Walk

For Dad.

Sorry. The video cut out. And apologies for my horrible appearance. It was 9am and my coffee spilled.

Love you!


  1. How beautiful! I loved it Stacy... thanks so very much for doing this special thing for me -- and in memory of Master Ridley and thank Carlin for being the camerawoman! It is a very nice walk ... sort of separate and quiet with gardens all about. Quite splendid :) ... and you did research about him ... how 'dad-like' heehee!
    Over four and a half centuries later and his memory still inspires ... we should all have such impact on the world... I love you very, very much. Dad

  2. I can't believe this trip is over. I feel like I have spent the last two months in Cambridge with you, although I haven't had nearly as much to drink! Looking forward to seeing you on this side of the pond.

    Aunt Lynn

  3. That was so great, Stace! How nice of you to do this for Dad! :D

    It's so beautiful there, and I only wish that I was able to go over there for a week and spend time with you and your friends in such a beautiful place. *sigh*

    But I couldn't be more proud of you and what you've done while overseas. I miss you! And like I said before, you BETTER call me!

    I love you!