Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sprinkle Sprinkle Sprinkle

Sorry for the lack of postage. It's been difficult to organize what to post and what not to -- so much is going on over here. And right now, I'm still working off my trip to Dublin. I'll probably feel inspired to crank out a few updates today, perhaps tomorrow morning, about Oxford, Dublin, and all the crazy happenings here at the world's most beautiful college from the mid-15th century.

I still owe you all Cambridge pictures. There is still so much more campus to see!

My picture taking has been lousy, but I just bought batteries, so I can capture the last week with no problem. My finals are finished now, and all I have left is a 2000 word essay analyzing two scenes from movies. I'm getting my hopes up, most likely, that it'll be super easy, so I haven't started yet.

I'm just grateful that my classes are finished. This has been an insanely busy 7 weeks, academically. And socially, which makes the academic thing all the more difficult.


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