Saturday, August 25, 2007

Wine, Cheese and Bread Party: Final Edition

I'm sitting at my desk right now with a bottle of Chilean Cab/Merlot, some Boursin cheese and a loaf of bread. These three things are my favorite foods I've had while being here (minus my new favorite Indian dish, chicken bhuna -- yumm!). Except now, instead of enjoying it with Carlin, Sean, Dean and Mark while watching 1940's British war films, I'm doing it alone. For the last time in England. =/ That's kind of sad. It's all as a present to myself while having to pack. (Guys... I have over 13 books to cram into my suitcase... I think I might kill myself.)

I love wine so much, I think someone should be worried. I've had more wine during the last 10 weeks than I could possible count, and while I have kept all the corks, twist-off caps are possible here. I did not keep the twist-off caps. They wouldn't fit in my suitcase. I know that I'm supposed to have grown an attachment to beer (and I have found some amazing beer, such as Kronenberg and Carling, my new loves), but honestly, it has been all about the wine here. Possibly because we get so much of it for free during any and all King's events. I love this school.

Today is an absolutely gorgeous day. Frightening, actually, that on the absolute final day of the programme, as the majority of people are leaving, there are no clouds in the sky, the air is painfully hot, and Cambridge is at its most active. Well, I get to enjoy it at least.

Even though I'm sad that I can't leave to go home sooner, getting to relax here for another day will be fantastic. Not like when I came early, and knew nothing about anything. I'm only sad that no one is around to go to a pub with me. Maybe I can hunt down a TA or something.

I have a few videos for you. Nothing special, just a look around my area of Cambridge and King's. Even though you've seen pictures, they don't always do things justice. So enjoy them.

Boring, I know. But whatever.

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  1. I'm curious how did it ever work out with the bath/nonshower thingy in your bathroom?