Thursday, August 2, 2007

Trip to Edinburgh, Day Three

Technically this post has absolutely nothing to do with Edinburgh because we left at 8:30am to head back to Cambridge.

This time I was a tad hungover, coffee-less, bloated, ugly, but at least I was clean and the company was still good. On the way down we stopped in North Yorkshire to see Fountains Abbey. A lot of people who'd gone on the last trip said that this little stop was stupid and boring, but I thought it was anything but.

My legs, at this point, were hurting so much I didn't think I could stand (seriously, I have some sort of leg-tendon-arch problem that needs to be addressed post-haste), but I still managed to walk to the Abbey and all around.

It was beautiful. I won't talk anymore, just post pictures...

... and a little video (which is super boring and incomplete, but hey, whatever, it's pictures in motion!)...

The last two pictures are my favorites. A wallflower!! =) Yay! hehe... The very last one is amazing (Maxine took it) because it wasn't planned. Just a "Hey guys, turn around!" moment. Yeah, so that is cool. Like, really cool.

After 10 hours we finally got home, and then I got food and fell asleep at 7:45pm and didn't wake up again for almost 13 hours. I was so beat and my legs still hurt, but it was well worth it.

Until next time. Peace.

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