Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Last Hoorah

The last formal hall was an interesting event. After 4 previous ones, Carlin and I made a promise that we were going to talk to/hang out with/experience our friends that we just hadn't spent enough time with. More importantly -- after all the drama, all the craziness, all the frustration -- we were going to enjoy ourselves.

And by God, we did. I love these people so much.

Mark and I -- prom style! .... Jon, our amazingly breathtaking Brit Brit TA who pretty much ran the show (all the girls loved him, hehe)

Howie (the funniest mo'f on planet earth), the Carlins, and me .... Sean, my favoritest =)

Spencer, Katrina and Megan (I'll miss them!) .... Abby and I -- she and I should have hung out about a thousand times more, ::sniff::, because I love her!

Bri and Cherie ... me and my girl, JennyRae (yay Santa Barbara!)

Dave Scales, everyone's favorite comedian, and the one whom everyone has claimed they would take home with them .... me and my PKP best friend from, literally, day one (who's slightly flashing us)

Will I miss England? No, not really. But I will miss Cambridge and these people. Luckily, most of us are going back to the same state. Except Marshall (not pictured), ::sniff::... stupid Yale student who grew up in Manhattan (92nd and Broadway, can you imagine??).

After the formal dinner, we listened to Spencer and Howie's band, Grover's Cleveland, play (which was fun[ny]), and then danced to some jazz. More dancing ensued in the Cellar, and once it all closed down it was one last trip to the Trailer of Life (or, as Carlin calls it, "the Trailer of Fat Thighs") for burgers.

Stayed up all night with Carlin, who had to leave for the bus station at 5am, talking about the programme and all the people we're gonna miss and all the things we'll have to do when we get back.

A fantastic night, a fantastic full-circle ending.

More videos and pictures to come.

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