Sunday, August 5, 2007

J. Sprinkles Take Over

I've had a strangely busy weekend without too much event happening.

Lots of day-trips to update about in the coming days when I have the time and patience, which will hopefully be sooner rather than later. To the beach front of Sheringham on Friday, to Stonehenge, Bath and Salisbury the rest of the weekend, I'll have pictures to post and non-stories to tell. Mainly it was Carlin and I in the back of a bus confirming our code names for people/groups in the programme. Most of them were sitting around us. We've had to change one of our original code names because now too many people know the original.

That's life, I guess.

The weather has been insanely nice -- sun all the time, no rain, and very very warm air. It's a little sweltering in my room right now, and I'm afraid that the mosquitoes will eat me alive if I leave my window open. But I will anyway.

Only 3 weeks left of the programme, and I don't want it to be over. Except I kind of do. I don't want to take these classes anymore, and I love this town a lot. But mainly I just don't want to not see these people everyday. I'm sure I'll see people again, but it's sad to not be sure.

Though I'm looking forward to being home. Family, friends, IN&OUT and Baker. All I need.

Oh, to the SNtGL Support Group: there is a new prospect. We'll see. =)

Bought the cutest shoes on earth today in Bath. Had to say that because my excitement can't be contained. Now I have to find the perfect outfit so I can wear them to the next Formal Hall.

More to come.

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