Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Salut, from Toulouse! It is 2:26am here, which means it is 5:26pm on the west coast US. Hopefully you are all enjoying your dinners... I wish I could eat something right now. If Isla Vista has anything on Toulouse, it's that it has food places open at all hours so that you can eat something when you're drunk.

I am drunk. Kind of. Tispy, rather. Not like last night, which was constant drinking, mainly funded by myself. (For Jessie, not everyone -- I'm not crazy!)

Tonight was slower; my kind of night. (Kait, you'd have loved it! An Irish pub, with a really cool bartender -- we made Jessie have her first Irish carbomb. She loved it, which means you two will get along.) Jessie is passed out in the bed, snoring away. It was a good night.

Alright, so, FIRST UPDATE FROM EUROPE! Where to begin?

I don't know where to start. Basically, I will just say that I love it here, minus the fact that I can't speak to anyone and I'm constantly questioning how to communicate. I understand some -- more than I thought I would -- but I am still struggling. The only time I'm not self-conscious about is when I'm drunk. What can ya do?

Seeing Jessie has been AMAZING! It's weird to think it's been over 10 months. Normally I wouldn't go a single day without seeing my Jessie. Surprisingly, being with her feel strangely normal -- not like we've been apart at all. It almost felt weird greeting her with gusto, because something inside me said, "But you just saw her yesterday, you over-zealous idiot!"

Yesterday was Jessie's birthday, and we started celebrating the night I first got here. Many drinks, LOTS of cigarette smoke, and misspoken French by myself were the orders of the evening. Whatever. Who needs proper grammar?

Ok. I should go.

I know I haven't said much, but it's late, I have to pee, I wanna sleep so that when I wake up I can have coffee and a croissant -- or maybe it'll be noon and I'll just have to have a sandwich. (Best sandwich place ever, here.)

More pictures and fantastic details and happenings in Toulouse to come tomorrow -- we're taking it easy and sitting around all day: my kind of schedule.

Love you all. Peace.


  1. I MISS YOU SO MUCH! I got your e-mail 3 hours late, which made me sad. :( But I made potato-fries all by myself tonight, and I thought of you (actually, I fought the urge to CALL you and tell you all about it - not much to tell, but I was excited.)

    Tell Jessie HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY for me, and that I love her and am seething with jealousy that you're over there and I'm stuck in Orange. Bleh. But Avaryl is coming this weekend to spend time with me and Bartleby while Shane is in Arizona. Should be fun!

    Love you!!!

  2. oh, that was me... above - oops!

    - Kim