Saturday, June 23, 2007

For tonight.

I wrote an entry in my head while at the bar tonight.

I cannot remember it.

I will it into being here.

I needed this... some of you know, it's long past due.


  1. I wanna chat! I miss you - I read all your posts (SO SORRY about the plane! I would have died!), and I'm so happy Toulosse (sp?) was wonderful. And you flirted with a guy, how wonderful! I'm jealous.

    much love,

  2. yay!! glad things are going well. i'm living in a storage space. its fun. miss youuuu. *mwuah* - alex

  3. hot french guy named Charlie?! *heeeey Charlieeee!*
    sounds like you're having a blast! hey how i can i make my blog entries more broad/wide across the page and less narrow like yours?

  4. I think my Stace is happy. This is good.