Thursday, June 14, 2007

On Bald Tires: HELLO Manhattan!

Warning: If you must wake me up at 4am, it better be with a cup of fresh coffee and a bagel in hand. I am not pleasant that early in the morning. Nor am I coherent. When your father turns the radio to an XM 1940's station and the announcer is detailing the Nazi's takeover of France and a swastika dangling from the Arc d'Triomphe and you think it's current news, chances are people shouldn't expect you to answer important questions.

Very gay male flight attendants who silently mouth the words to the we've-heard-it-a-million-times safety instructions that are being
spoken by an off-stage female attendant, all while acting out the motions make the start of even the most arduous-seeming flights amusing. Thank you, Frank, the Gay Jet-Blue Flight Attendant Guy.

Jerry Seinfeld was absolutely right: It's amazing how safe you feel in the backseat of a New York City taxi cab. Despite everything in your body telling you to fear for your life, you can't do anything but laugh. "Well I'd never try that in my car... I mean he is driving fast, and quite recklessly. On bald tires. But he's a professional!" It's true. You can't help but think that. The car isn't destroyed yet, so he must know what he's doing.

I'm currently in New York City, the Comfort Inn, W 46th St. -- about twenty paces from Times Square. I love it here, but honestly: I'm tired of being around Times Square. There is TOO much. If ever there was too much of something in this world, it's Times Square... just... the entire thing. People, lights, food, vendors, cars, smells -- all of it! Too much. I want to hang out in the Village, in a cafe or a park, or somewhere where there aren't so many damn tourists.

Our room is the size of my bedroom in my apartment. That means it's very small. Kind of strange. That's New York, I guess. As is said in Angels in America, "New York City. All they got there is tiny rooms." Very true. I may have butchered that quote, but I'm lazy, so whatever.

Museums are the focus of the weekend, and hopefully some fantastic food -- we're gonna search for cheap stuff, which means vendors, Burger Joint and The Village cafes. FANtastic. I would try and see a show, but now I have a video of Spring Awakening on my computer, so... why pay?

Wow. That's horrible. What kind of theatre student am I?

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