Monday, November 21, 2011

Sparkle On the Strip

In two days, I will visit Las Vegas for the first time. At the invitation of my boyfriend's mother and step-father, we will be spending the Thanksgiving holiday eating family-style Italian food, watching The Beatles' Love show, sipping inventive cocktails, and exploring the magical and evocative Strip. We'll be staying in a [super-duper nice] suite at Mandalay Bay, soaking in the tub and enjoying expansive views of the Las Vegas lights.

I'm stoked.

And truth be told, I have absolutely nothing amazing to wear. This isn't surprising considering what I wear when I'm at home: yoga pants, a sweatshirt, and Uggs. (Yep, I'm even wearing that right now. Don't judge me, I'm comfy.)

Over the last couple months, I've been doing my best to collect bits and pieces of what could perhaps become an outfit worthy of Vegas. But with a growing waistline (thanks, Seattle food) and non-existent budget, I decided to worry less about what I'll actually be wearing and instead waste time fantasizing about what my ideal Vegas outfits might look like...

You know... but still look like me.

Daytime Jaunt

Vegas Daytime Jaunt

Butterfly shirt, $116 / True religion jeans, €229 / TOMS black flat shoes, $54 / Miss Selfridge doctor bag, £17 / Plastic stud earrings, $5.93 / Metal ring, $15 / Isabel Marant scarve, €195 / Retro super future sunglasses

Jon tells me that the thing we'll do most while in Vegas is walk. He says it's 2.5 miles from one end of the Strip to the other (that is, from Mandalay Bay to The Wynn) and you can easily cover 6-7 miles over the course of one day if you choose not to drive. I trust him, because this is probably his 200th trip in 25 years. It made sense to put together an outfit that was comfortable and casual. Plus, although it's November, temperatures in Vegas are supposed to be around 65ยบ F, which means big jackets won't be necessary during the day. So I planned this outfit accordingly. 

I fell in love with that house ring via Pinterest and I thought those little, pink dice earrings were a playful touch. (In real life, I'm happy to report, I do own those sparkly, black TOMS so I'll have cute shoes and arch support simultaneously. Oh, and my hair could probably do that - if I actually tried.)

Martini Date

Vegas Dinner Date

Stripe shirt, $80 / Blazer, £65 / TEXTILE Elizabeth and James cuffed skinny jeans, $195 / Carvela pointed toe pumps, £110 / RADLEY LONDON metal tote, $143 / Kendra Scott black jewelry, $58 / Cuff jewelry, £104 / Dita sunglasses, $375 / Sarah Jessica Parker 'Covet' Perfume

On Thursday night, we'll be going to Red Square to drink martinis. I wanted something a little dark and a little sparkly. Those adorable gold pumps have a tiny heel, but not too significant that I couldn't walk around. (That SJP perfume is a go-to nighttime favorite of mine, and I actually remembered to pack it for my trip!) Purple is my comfort color. This combo is yummy, warm, and subtle. Let's just leave it at that.

Night on the Tao-n

Vegas Night on the Tao-n

Structured dress, £46 / Fendi cotton coat, £899 / Fogal black hosiery, $69 / Wet Seal high heel pumps, $30 / Giuseppe Zanotti mini leather handbag, $1,740 / Cluster jewelry, $5

Heh... see what I did there?

Even though we have no plans to spend the night clubbing, in my Las Vegas fantasy I am drinking $1000 bottles of champagne and throwing money at hot waitresses behind a VIP curtain at Tao. But Jon's mom insists that we go to The Foundation Room, which is in (or near?) where we're staying at Mandalay. (Apparently, this is where Britney Spears likes to hang out.)

In-keeping with my natural taste in clothes, I wanted to keep this in the realm of possibility. Sure, dresses like this are sensational, but when it comes down to it, I like to keep things simple, classy, and with just a bit of sparkle.

So are there any other Vegas virgins out there? Does anyone know Vegas like it's their 2nd home - the way Jon does? What are your favorite kinds of outfits to wear when you're there? Comfy and good for walking, or extravagant and perfect for a night out? Any favorite spots to go?

* Images created using Polyvore


  1. You should dress me. All the time. Just shop for me, please?

  2. Yay sparkly things! You will shine on the strip, my dear. I'm excited to hear about your first time, and hopefully, the city will be gentle :) I demand photos of you in each outfit!