Friday, November 11, 2011

A Shell of It's Former Glory

I realize I have never posted pictures of my apartment. Normally I'd be quick to admit that I'm rather lazy and a chronic procrastinator... but truthfully, it's because I am a perfectionist and I've had trouble getting into the habit of showing my home as a "work in progress." The problem is, it's always a work in progress.

Last week, Jon and his dad packed up all of our belongings and moved them down to California. I knew I'd be living in virtually an empty shell for a week and a half, so before everything disappeared forever, it felt right to document it.

Well, the living room, at least. (Bedroom and kitchen were far too cramped to ever decorate. They were functional rooms only. Sad, I know.)

Do you remember those bee prints, from this art-filled post earlier in the summer? Yep, they finally found a home.

Not bad, right? They're definitely a little on the whimsical/kid's room side for a living room focal point, but we had no other place for them this time around. But they're super versatile and could easily move from a family room to bedroom to bathroom to nursery, if need bee. (Yep.)

Fry disapproves of puns.

"More wine!"

So that was our living room, full of our very non-minimalist belongings. We've certainly accumulated a lot of stuff, but almost everything was saved for and picked together. Small and cramped, with an endless supply of animal fur, but it was home. It made us happy.

Color and comfort, rules to live by.

Speaking of living, it's been exactly the opposite of colorful and comfortable this week.

Yeah. I know. Ew.

This view is a bit better, though.

Heh, it's better 'cause there are boobers right there. Let's get closer.

So for the last week and a half, I have lived alone with two dogs in an apartment with no furniture. We've been sleeping on pillows and blankets.

Admittedly, I'm going a bit crazy.

Two days from now, Jon and I will be arriving in sunny California. I will get to sleep in an actual bed and cook food on an actual stovetop. I'll get to see my best friends and family on a regular basis. I'll be around people who know how to drive and restaurants that serve real Mexican food. I'll get to see my dogs enjoy space that doesn't max out at 650 sq. ft.

I'll finally be Home.


  1. Hey, it looks like that chair-back finally broke off! Fun!

    I seriously love this apartment. It was remarkably cozy and warm, even when it was relentlessly freezing outside. I will always have fond memories of visiting you here, and I'm blessed to have been able to do so on more than one occasion (I'm happy that I also got to stay in all THREE of your Seattle apts!) Having these pictures up - finally! - will be nice to refer back to down the line.

    I'm sad to see you move away from there (I may shed a little tear!), but so happy that you are returning to California. We miss you down here.

    Happy travels! enjoy the drive home, and we'll see you on the other side. =)


  2. You've been living in that by yourself for 2 weeks? Really? You're a brave girl, my friend. You had it decorated super cute, though! I love your media center. And, that vintage overstuffed chair? I die. So excited for you to come back to So Cal!

  3. Boobers! and Fry! I miss them! (and it's true, Fry has no patience for any punny-business)

    It'll be sad and strange to not be there anymore. As limiting as some aspects of the layout were (ahem... KITCHEN), we got it to a place that was comfortable, relaxing, and a place to call home, even if we knew it was only temporary. Let's face it, though, California is the place to be :)

    Kim - I broke that chair back off, and was going to throw it away completely, then realized it was 'ergonomic' now, and thus worth more for its function and style! I expect it shall soon take a new artistic form, 'fine gar-baage'