Friday, November 11, 2011

Food Friday: Skillet Street Food | Burger and Fries

This week, the Skillet Street Food truck parked right next to my building. I'd already ordered a Reuben sandwich from my regular deli spot, but then immediately upon seeing the truck, I went off to buy their signature burger and fries. Oh, excuse me: $14 burger and fries.

Beef, arugula, creamy bleu cheese, and bacon jam. Yes, that's right: jam made from bacon.

It must have been kismet, because I was thinking earlier this week that a Skillet burger was one of the few food items I still needed to get before leaving Seattle. I had no idea when I'd have time to make it up to their normally jam-packed diner, and the truck is always somewhere different.

Turns out, their new "Wednesday lunchtime" spot is right next to my company's headquarters in Belltown. Something to look forward to next time I'm in town.

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