Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Little Boober and Da Peekay Say Goodbye to Spring

The sun came out yesterday AND it was warm.  I know, I know, you're probably as tired of hearing about the weather as I am of talking about it.  But I simply had to express my excitement at getting out of work and finally feeling as though it were spring.

Or, as was the case, the last day of spring.

I literally could not get home and back outside into the sunshine fast enough.  It was quickly decided that we would run home, grab the dogs and two beers (from Jon's new favorite brewery, 21st Amendment—the perfect-for-sunshine-y-weather Hell or High Watermelon, to be precise) and head over to Volunteer Park for some relaxing time in the sun.

I've lived about 2 blocks away from Seattle's Volunteer Park for just over two years now, and this area in North Capitol Hill is still one of my favorite places in the city.  On the absolutely gorgeous days, the main two fields can definitely get crowded, but it's the kind of park where you can go and find a quiet nook somewhere and experience little-to-no interruptions.

There is also an eclectic mix of artists and wealthy folk, almost all of who are locals, that use this park as their playground, which really creates the vibe of a small town, community park.  And look!  Janky, outdoor amphitheater!

Bender art

Aww.  Someone's a Futurama AND Buffy fan.  Cutes.

Our dogs really are like kids in candy store when they're exposed to a combination of sunlight, grass, and open space.  My littlest boober, Ennis, pulls and pulls and pulls his way through the park, certain he'll get let off leash to play... which is just silly, people, because I've never illegally let him off leash in a public park to play with other dogs who were also definitely not off leash... really.

Peekay, on the other hand, becomes a bumbling fool with no idea or comprehension of where he is or where he's going.  His vacant expression only helps him look more confused-yet-somehow-happy, and even though he runs into us and trips over himself, he sure is adorable while doing it.  Ennis wants to rub himself all over the grass (read: bird poops); Peekay just wants to rub himself all over you.

Like most Seattleites, exposure to the sun for more than an hour tends to cause weather-amnesia, where all of a sudden you forget how absolutely horrible the majority of the last eight months have been.  (The hilarious blog, The Oatmeal, lays it out best in this all-too-true comic.  The constant presence of a coffee cup is maybe the most realistic part.)  Our dogs deserved some good ol' UV exposure as badly as we did, and the opportunity to get out-and-about even more so.

If I've learned nothing else from this tediously depressing three-season winter, it's that there's no end to amount of positive thoughts I have when it's nice out.  A bit of a clich√©, maybe, but as I sat there on our beach towel, drinking watermelon beer and cuddling with our furry boos, I was a bit overwhelmed with how many things I all of a sudden wanted to do and accomplish.

And my first must-do of the new season?  Fancy BLT and white wine on the patio to give a proper welcome to summer...

... and a good riddance to spring (::cough::winter::cough::).  Happy maximum sunshine day, everyone!

* All images property of The Sleepy Peach


  1. Aww, looks like Ennis is in need of a summer hair cut! Poor thing looks so hot and scruffy (in a dog way, not handsome guy way! ha!)

    I seriously can't wait for he and Gretchen to play together. I kid you not, she will fall in love with him so fast. It'll be too cute to handle!

  2. Ooo! I'm just now seeing that the beer you talked about is a WHEAT beer! Hmmmm... Kinda wanna try it now! Is there's a reason it has "watermelon" in the name?

  3. Ha, because it tastes like watermelon! Silly.

  4. Way to make me feel like a dumb-y! Geesh!

    No, I figured that was the case, but I've never heard of watermelon-flavored beer. It was a legitimate question! >.<