Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Time For A Change

"Water never accomplishes the end, no matter how much you cry. Flood's not the answer, people just float." — Harper, Angels in America, Part II: Perestroika by Tony Kushner
Another quarter comes to an end and I can't help feeling in a funk. This "blog" thing has been a procrastination staple in my life for almost four years. Pathetic. But even more pathetic is the fact that nothing productive, profound or meaningful has really come out of them. I've attempted to "rebuild" my LifeJournal a hundred times, and almost 900 entries later, it all still seems trivial. So rather than continuing to embark on another superfluous rant about how incapable I am of being interesting to readers, I've abandoned LiveJournal and am really starting afresh here on blogspot.

I'm not profound. I don't have an impressive vocabulary. I don't write subtle things that sound at all creative. But I need some kind of writing outlet, for whatever comes through me. Travel experiences. Important thoughts. Open letters. Reviews. Scene excerpts. Maybe some poems, which—lets be honest
would suck.

I feel lighter; without that ranting, bitching, girlie train of entries attached to my ass, I finally feel as though I'm letting all that shit go.

Good riddance. And hello.

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