Thursday, March 29, 2007


Went and got my first tattoo today. It was my 21st birthday present to myself. (Though, 2 weeks early.) No more spending money for me.

I was honestly worried that I wouldn't end up getting it. Something always seems to happen in my brain that makes me not do things with this kind of permanency. Also, when I made the appointment at Energy Tattoo yesterday, I was starting to feel like I just couldn't get what I wanted across. I wasn't have second-thoughts about getting a tattoo, just a general nervousness about whether or not it would turn out the way I wanted.

The idea for the tattoo was a sweet pea blossom -- two to be precise. One for my grandma and one for my grandpa. They grew sweet peas in their massive garden in San Jose when I was young, and there were also potted plants of them inside. They were their favorite flowers, or at least one of them. I wanted to get something for them, not "in memory" but rather as a reminder to myself of what happened with them (and is currently happening, in my grandmother's case) and how I want to avoid.... well.... I'm not going to go into it. I'll just leave it at "It's for my grandparents."

I sketched the tattoo myself, a very artistic rendering of what I thought the sweet pea looked like (much less girlie and "flowery"), though PJ Ferrante (the artist) re-finished it to a more proper tattoo style:

I'm in love with it. And I was so nervous that I wouldn't be. I don't even have to try and convince myself, I genuinely am perfectly satisfied with it. The one con I will say is this: If anyone ever came to me and said "I'm thinking of getting a tattoo on the top of my foot," I would say "Go for it, but only if you're prepared for 1 hr. of the worst pain of your life."

I thought my foot was being ripped apart. As I told Cassie, I'm just going to attribute it to, what I assume might be, the feeling of giving birth: Thinking I was dying, but being so very grateful, nonetheless, when it's over and at the final product.

Seriously though. Pain. Like whoa.

I'm gonna be wearing the same pair of black shoes for... the rest of my life.

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