Monday, July 18, 2011

The Lost Coast

If you've spent any time with me in the last three years, you know that one of my favorite places on earth is the northern coast of California. I'm currently there now, wrapping up my vacation in a rather unexpected-yet-personally-therapeutic spot: Arcata, Humboldt County.

As usual, my trip has been exceptionally relaxing and I am already looking forward to my next time back. I visited twice during the summer of 2008—at the request of my dearest college friend, Alex, and her amazing family—and have yet to visit a place that better compliments my love for forests, small towns, progressive thinkers, and simplicity. This is probably my 5th time through in three years.

A 10-hour road trip is always worth it when you have good friends (Daniel, whom I met through Alex, and his lovely girlfriend, Killian) accompanying you, and there's a beautiful place waiting with open arms. And thanks to Daniel's amazing parents, I was able to see a portion of northern California that I'd never experienced.

A winding trip through the mountains and down to the Pacific Ocean takes you to the unspoiled gem of this gorgeous state, virtually untouched by development. In addition to the beaches north of Arcata, to the south is an area I was surprised to find out were accessible at all.

Current love affair: the Lost Coast, the campgrounds of A.W. Way, and the Mattole River.

*All images property of The Sleepy Peach


  1. WOW! Great photos! :D (wish i was there...)

  2. Write more!! What are you doing, teasing me like this??? Pictures are so beautiful, talk a little about them, wouldya??

    Love you! Wish I was there too!

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