Friday, July 8, 2011

The Little Things

I arrived at work this morning and saw this beauty resting contentedly on a table in the building lobby:

As I glugged down my coffee and scuffled my feet towards the elevator, trying to escape the unwelcome gray clouds outside, seeing this stunning bouquet of colors and light stopped me in my tracks.  The office building managers switch out the lobby flowers weekly, and though I always notice them, I rarely take the time to appreciate them.

It's little things like this that can really add to the positive outcome of my day—assuming I allow myself to stop and look.  This color combination makes me smile; it is the perfect image to lead me into the weekend.

Getting myself moving in the morning is always toughest on Fridays.  For most, Monday's are the worst, but for me, Friday's are glacially slow.  Many of my co-workers are gone, and our small, quiet top-floor, corner office feels 10x smaller and more isolated.

Seeing these flowers prompted me take a look at other things—lovely things—that normally linger unnoticed around me.


Like these two paintings, done with acrylics and charcoal, hanging in the same lobby.  Their size demands attention, yet I've never really given them much thought—even after Jon has vocalized his desire to paint something similar.  Looks like I'm sticking with the 'appreciating flowers' theme today.  (It is summer, after all.)

This weekend is the Urban Craft Uprising (mentioned here) and even though I've found out (via Twitter) that my favorite artist, Jill Bliss, is unable to attend, I'm still elated to discover some new artists and perhaps come home with a painting or print.  Some catch-up blogging, dinner with friends, and relaxing time with my beau and fluffy kids will be a nice cap on a relaxing summer weekend in Seattle.

Notice anything beautiful today?  Do you ever find things around your house, home or work that illicit unexpected moments of awe?

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