Friday, April 15, 2011

Food Friday: Lunchbox Laboratory | Tear Jerker Burger

This is the hottest/spiciest/most painful thing I have ever put in my mouth. OK, I actually only dipped one of my fries in the demon sauce that oozed from this burger.

Jon was actually the one who ate it. Brave, brave man.

Lunchbox Laboratory, originally a popular little spot in Ballard that has recently relocated to a far cleaner and more neon spaceship-esque location in South Lake Union, has a monstrosity called 'The Tear Jerker'. 

Beef, 'Lunchbox' onions, pepperjack cheese, jalapeƱos, hanaƱero mayonnaise, and 'Satan' ketchup, which I'm guessing a mix of cayenne pepper and DEVIL'S BLOOD!

Normally I like to show you pictures of food in its original presentation, but this... you had to see the inside of this thing. Jon, who thrives on spicy food, thought his stomach was on fire once the burger hit it. But at the same time, he said that it was definitely the tastiest of all the extreme spicy foods he's eaten, which is quite a feat. If the taste isn't sacrificed in the name of heat, it's more impressive.

That being said: eat at your own risk.

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