Monday, March 28, 2011

This Tasty City

Jon and I will eventually leave Seattle.  This is something we knew when he moved up here last May from California to be with me.  There's no question that if I had been financially capable, I would have moved down and joined him instead of the other way around.  At the same time, I am grateful for the time we've had here.  Coming out of near-poverty and unemployment into jobs that pay us decently—at least, enough to enjoy what has turned out to be an incredibly delicious city.

Bourbon Renewal and Eggnog from Sun Liquor, Seattle
When considering where we will go after this (much of this depends on where Jon will get into grad school), it's hard to imagine any place having better drinks or food than Seattle.  Not only that, drinks and food within walking distance or nothing more than a short drive to the next district over.  If Seattle has changed us in any way, it's the fine-tuning of an (I'm embarrassed to say) elitist mentality about fresh, high-quality food and original, expertly crafted cocktails.

Living so close to places like Sun Liquor, Tavern Law/Needle & Thread, and Zig Zag Cafe (to name a few) means that for a reasonably fair price, not only can you taste original cocktails but you can help invent ones with the assistance of absolutely brilliant bartenders.

And we do invent cocktails.  Often.

Our go-to place for cocktails is Sun Liquor, down on Summit in Capitol Hill.  It's a short walking distance, and Richardo—the bartender—is an artist.  Watching him make any drink (even a simple screwdriver) is an experience.  And it isn't because he squeezes your orange juice fresh.  Rather, it's his concentration, so exact.  I've heard the same thing about world famous Seattle bartender, Murray Stinson—you can't live in Seattle and drink alcohol without knowing this man's name—and while I've been to Zig Zag a few times, I haven't had the privilege of sitting in a coveted bar seat to watch him work.  Sun Liquor can get crowded, but it's definitely a laid-back, local haunt.  Ricardo is a master of mixing himself, and if you feel inspired to try something different, tell him your favorite liquor and he'll make something special.  At Thanksgiving, he helped my family and us invent several cocktails, all sensational.

When I leave, I want to take Sun Liquor and Ricardo with me.

Thinking about leaving the food and drink options here is the only thing that gives me pause about leaving; it will be the ultimate sacrifice when taking off from here.  Jon and I see food as an adventure, and cocktails as the ultimate indulgence.

In terms of places that are an option for us (NYC- and San Francisco-proper are not, unfortunately, options), it's hard to imagine my tastebuds being happier than they have been this past year.

Infamous Coconut Creme Pie from Tom Douglas' Dahlia Bakery in Seattle

While Jon is determined to taste a bit of every restaurant that Tom Douglas has his name attached to, I'm a bit more interested in spending my summer utilizing all of the incredible markets that Seattle has to offer.  The best farmer's market (undoubtedly) is the Ballard Farmer's Market, which is every Sunday.  One of my main goals this summer, before leaving the Northwest for good, is to make as many fresh vegetable- and meat-filled dishes as humanly possible.

We've made and tried so many delicious dishes this last year.  If for no other reason, I'm sad I haven't been updating this blog so that I could tell you all about it!  Seattle food and drink establishments thrive on good recommendations, and if something doesn't come recommended here, good luck surviving.  I admit, we probably won't try someplace new unless we've heard it's something special.

So stay tuned for food and drink updates.  My tastebuds demand these things be chronicled for future reference.

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  1. I very much look forward to reading all your food-related entries! Honestly, while I love visiting you and Jon and the pups whenever I come to Seattle, it's really the bars and restaurants I can't wait to try.

    It's about time you start chronicling all this!