Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Color and Movement: Can I Frame You?

There is artwork I want to buy.  OK, there's always some artwork or something pretty that I can't wait to buy and put up on my walls.  This is why I bug Jon so often about painting things.  The only problem is that we hardly have room for the framed artwork we do have.  There can't be enough wall space, I say!

However, above our television is this open, white, sad area that's just begging for some color.  I admit, it's been extremely difficult for me to commit to putting something up there, because it has to be very specific and special.  It's our entertainment area!  It should be film-related, if possible.

On the flip-side of that, it also can't be distracting.  This is why I've nixed the idea of mini-movie posters or flashy art prints.  (We bought this print from Justin Hillgrove's 'Imps & Monsters' art collection, specifically for that space... but it's too small, it can't be paired with any other art pieces easily, and it just... doesn't feel right.) 

I always do this.  I have the hardest time committing to hanging art, because I want it to be perfect.  Trouble is, I never live anywhere long enough (or have walls strong enough) to get it right.  By the time I do, my lease is up and I'm ready to move on and up!

But I've found something, and I want your opinion on it.  I've discovered a person online who creates Movie Barcodes using the color schemes in action sequences through the film... at least, that's what I think he's doing.  Either way, I've picked several that I really like (from movies I also like) that I'm hoping I'll be able to buy as prints.  

Top to bottom: Pan's Labyrinth, Amélie, The Matrix

Maybe they're too... I don't know, confusing?  But I love the idea of bringing colors into a space, without them being distracting, and the fact that the colors are pulled directly from the films make them all the more special.

I have no idea if I'll be able to buy these as prints.  The creator has some for sale, but not all of the ones I like.  I've contacted him (or her) about the possibility of special ordering a few.  Hopefully he'll get back to me with a resounding YES! and also, DISCOUNT!

What do you think, friends?

Description of the barcode-making process:  The artist takes the average color of each frame condensed to a one pixel column.

EDIT (again)
Heard from moviebarcode man, and apparently I can special order some prints, but HOLY CROW they're expensive!  To get three that are large enough, I'd have to spend close to $500.  Yikes!  Maybe one would be enough?  I'll have to sit on it for a bit.

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  1. I love these!! Abstract enough that they won't be distracting, but very cool looking and with an awesome back story. They seem very fitting.