Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Federal Mile

Yes, I recognize it's been 3 months, and no, I'm not going to fill in the gaps. It's a new beginning, a new focus, and a fresh start. No going backwards. Only forward. Changes spark a re-commitment, and I'm going to work all the harder to keep myself on track. It's mightily important, and I'm shifting gears...

So. Hello. I am now, officially, living on my own. For the first time. No roommates, no sharing, and no bedroom. :) Just a little doggie, 400 sq. ft. and a new neighborhood in Capitol Hill that is severely out of my price range.

Winter in First Hill was pretty brutal, and not particularly conducive to getting out with daily walks for Ennis. Sure, the frequent Plymouth Pillars trips tired the pup out as needed, and he's made tons of friends (and some enemies, poor Boris), but walking has always been therapeutic and meditative for me. That has been lacking, because First Hill is anything but peaceful.

He needs the walking time, but I need it more.

My current apartment building is located one block from Volunteer Park in North Capitol Hill, which is a tad bit special. The houses, it's safe to say (even in this economy) are well over $1 million mark. There's one for sale right now that looks like a Spanish villa, two blocks north, that's selling for $5.4 million. I know. The roads are flat, the grass is green, the flowers are blooming, and the rich couples bring out their designer dogs in flocks. Okay, lots of rescues too. This is Seattle, after all.

Having an expensive mini-Aussie makes me feel like I fit in somewhat, but I'm terrified to go out in my typical "scrubby" fashion, and even more terrified about forgetting a poop-bag! The last thing I need is some millionaire's wife scowling at me as she watches my lower-middle class dog pop-a-squat beneath her rose bushes, then walk away.

Oh, sweet Jesus, there might even be surveillance cameras!

My street is 10th Ave E. Walk down Prospect towards the park, and turn left on Federal. Then just keep walking. As far as you want. Ignore the BMWs, Audis, Mercedes and fancy Subarus as they pass you by, and simply enjoy the view.

The houses here are nothing if not Stately, and the flat roads and peaceful seclusion makes one feel miles away from the bustle of Broadway (which is, in fact, only 2 city blocks south). There is a community of dogs here, different from those closer to Downtown. There is a proper attitude, a polite demeanor when meeting others. The conversation is similar to other places ("What kind of dog is that?", "Sorry, he just wants to play", and "Thank you, have a good day"), but for a 23-year-old and her barky dog, there is a sense of being out of her element.

Maybe I should pick up jogging? Then I'd really fit in.

The people on Federal are young and old, but all successful and courteous. I do my best not to stand out.

I can be courteous, too.

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