Sunday, March 1, 2009


noun. 1) The flower of a plant. 2) A healthy condition; the time or period of greatest beauty. 3) The glossy, well-kept appearance of the coat of an animal.
verb. 1) To produce or yield blossoms. 2) To flourish or thrive. 3) To be in or achieve a state of vigor.

Something changed this weekend. Perhaps it was the rain, which we haven't seen much of in the past two months. (This is Seattle, right?) Maybe it was having visitors from California. Not entirely sure. But the difficulty I've been feeling recently is slowly receding, making me less anxious and feeling less hopeless.

Spring is almost here. Buds are sprouting up everywhere, and it's been easy to forget that it's supposed to be green around here. The trees are barren, the bushes are dark and muddy. It's strange to think that in another month or so, the trees on the street will be so full that I'll hardly be able to make out the buildings.

But right now it's just some sprouts, and they sprang up virtually over night. The presence of sunshine and now the little bit of rain we're being blessed with is going to mean lots of bloomage. Color and light, rather than black dirt and wet sludge.

Tulips and daffodils seem to be the late-winter-in-Seattle flower of choice; they are outside almost every apartment building in First Hill, growing like weeds along the walkway. Perhaps it's because they can survive the freezing cold, and thrive despite constant downpour and cloud cover. Like Seattleites.

Considering it's only the first week of March, if this bit of bloomage is any sign of what's to come in April and May, our daily walks may actually got longer and more enjoyable. From what I hear, there's no place like Seattle in the spring.

Posts for these last few winter weeks have been a bit dull, and I apologize. But it's cold, people! And I'm still working for peanuts, so going places is difficult. I'm already doing my research on fantastic places for Ennis and I to go in the next few months.

Patience. The cold will end sometime.

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