Friday, July 18, 2014

Food Friday: Haven Gastropub | Lamb Burger

I know I've posted about Haven Gastropub before, but I could not resist posting about one of my all-time favorite gourmet burgers (and my #1 non-beef burger) which I have eaten innumerable times and spent way too much money on--but it's so worth it. And it's appropriate that I am posting this today, because this is the very last time I will have this burger as a resident of Orange. It's pretty much the only thing I will really, truly miss when we move back to the SF Bay Area.

So. If you are one of those people who think they don't like lamb, then the Lamb Burger at Haven is the thing that will change your mind. Aside from the fact that they are trés généreux with their french fry portion, the lamb in this burger is juicy and sweet, and with the light and lovely addition of sprouts, caramelized onion, and tzatziki, the quality of the meat stands out as nothing short of spectacular.

At $18 (it used to be $14!), this is most definitely a special occasion treat for most people. Though trust me: you won't be disappointed.

Also: two perks:

1. If you decide to be somewhat healthy, ask for a salad instead of fries and you'll be happy to see they are quite generous with that, too.

2. This place may be known for its rotating beer menu, but they also make out-of-this-world Old Fashioneds. And considering their "well" bourbon is Four Roses, it's no surprise!

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