Saturday, March 16, 2013

Big Changes Take a Little Adjusting

It's been about almost two months since I've been around these parts, which means I'm the worst, but guys, really, I've been a bit preoccupied with other things, like how - two weeks ago - well...

Jon and I got engaged.


I'm still reeling a bit from how weird and wonderful it feels. The whole weekend was an out-of-body experience; something that still feels like it happened to someone else. That might also be because now - in the reality of having to eventually plan a real wedding rather than just pinning about hypothetical cakes, flowersdresses, and decor (I may or may not have given it a little thought) - I'm already starting to feel stressed out.

No. No no. It's way too early for that.

Jon's proposal was creative, simple, and personal. With a little help from my dear sister, I'm pretty sure everything went off without a hitch. I mean... I said "yes," so... how bad could it really have been? I have photos and other things to share, as soon as I can get it all off my camera. But right now, my camera is over there, and I'm here with my whisky & coke and I'm happy to just take my time with this.

I promise I'll be back with a full breakdown on how Mr. Jonathan did the deed, but until then, here's a fairly accurate type-emoticon-explosion of what my last two weeks have been like.

@~{~~~  :-D  xoxo  ! ! ! ! $ $ $   *_*  . . . ? ? . . .  #%^&  . . .  :-D :-D ! ! ! <3

You're welcome for that.

* image: Will you by Genevieve Santos


  1. Can we get facial expressions to go with the emoticons?

    1. There are facial expressions. Old school, non-animated ones. :-D *_*

  2. Simply cannot wait for the story (and the pictures)! <3

  3. So so excited for you guys! Look forward to the story :)