Monday, December 3, 2012

I Missed November

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I've made a conscious effort to avoid this blog during the last almost-two months, and I've felt only the tiniest twinge of guilt about it. Basically, I needed a hiatus from thinking about the "blog-worthy," and instead focus on some important things going on around here right now. Sometimes "important" has meant cleaning the toilet, finally folding that pile of clothes on the guest bed, cuddling with Ennis, or having long talks with my manlier-half over white wine and tacos. Every time I thought about writing or posting, it seemed forced; instead of forging ahead, I let myself walk away.

I don't know what this blog is, exactly, but whatever it is means—at minimum—it needs to be about the things most important to me in that particular moment. I've worked pretty diligently to not categorize myself, mainly because I am so prone to change my mind, or lose interest. Being a bit of an over-sharer has dictated much of my adult life in relation to the internet, and has proven that I refuse to let there be any subject that I'm forced to avoid for fear of being "off topic." If I eat a delicious bagel, go to Hawai'i, build a daybed, buy a kitten, or covet craft goods, I want to tell you. Because I love you, and that's what friends do.

That being said, I'm learning a bit more about restraint with my honesty. Not everything is worth sharing. I don't mean the hard/intense things, or the small/sometimes boring things. Just things. The stuff that is personal and private, but also insignificant in the long term. It's not about being interesting, but having true interest and passion in what you write and do.

Look 'ma, I'm growing up!

Simply put, I'm interested in finding my true home in this HTML-corner of internet-paradise that I've built, with its crooked windows and slant-y floors. It will take some time and some reflection on my part to make it a haven of comfort—a place that I enjoy and relish in—rather than something I constantly avoid... much like my actual living room, which is in desperate need of a thorough vacuuming.

The holidays are in our midst, and I'm thinking of my friends scattered across the map, all of whom I miss dearly. Let's get together and have some mulled wine or margaritas or whatever else the weather is permitting that day.

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  1. Cheers to this, sugar. Restraint and passion are difficult bedmates, but they make for sound writing (and I love how you phrased that bit about honesty). Pass the mulled wine, please. Miss you so xoxo