Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Peace of Routine

While I work, my animals sleep. All morning long and into the afternoon, after their lunchtime potty break. It's quiet, except for little doggie snores. Am I weird for finding this soothing? Perhaps it's because—though certainly not loud—these little snores remind me that I'm not in the house alone. It's odd the comfort that the mere presence of animals can bring; I can't imagine how lonely it would feel without them.

With my parents gone for the last week and a half, Jon has risen early for work, taking care of letting the dogs out and feeding them while I'm still 3/4 asleep in bed and warding off having to sit down at my computer for another non-stop 8 hour day. He leaves for work, and the dogs and cat come back to bed with me. When inevitably I roll out of bed, they drearily follow me to my computer and return to sleep. And now that I'm on a strict, regimented diet (Medifast again, and this time it's working!), my weekdays tend to move like clockwork. It's monotonous and routine. I kind of love it.

Working at home has been a blessing I do not take lightly, and every day it becomes more and more work that I am both grateful and nervous about. It's getting hard, but after 8 years of entry-level jobs and duties that bore me to tears, it finally feels like I'm part of something special, exciting, and new. Being "needed" feels sensational, and while it may not be my dream job, it's allowing me some great opportunities to learn from great people.

Being an adult is weird. I wonder how much longer I will feel that way?

What excites me most about this little work/life/food routine that Jon and I have found ourselves developing is the idea of moving to Orange and creating a new routine, together, in a brand new place. A place just for the two of us. And if I've realized anything over the past two weeks, it's that when you get yourself into a cozy (maybe even boring) day-to-day routine, there's nothing quite as exhilarating as breaking it.

A spontaneous drive to Sausalito perhaps.

A day-long outing just to window shop for furniture.

A leisurely hike with the dogs in a previously undiscovered local park.

Evenings and weekends are more vibrant when the weekdays lack excitement. It's like seeing the sun after months of clouds and rain. What other things beyond the purr of a cat on my lap and the drone of typing fingers lay in wait as summer approaches? As we move on to discover someplace unfamiliar?

Hopefully, whatever it is, it will influence more blog posts.

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  1. Yes! More blog posts, please! And as many pictures of your slumbering pets as you can get. That picture of Ennis is breaking my heart.

    And Sausalito! What fun!

    I'm so excited to have you and Jon closer to us here in So Cal -- the routine you're developing now will transfer well to your new apartment and location. =)

    And you're not going to be able to stop me from visiting!