Friday, April 27, 2012

Food Friday: Lilly's Taqueria | Asada & Adobado Tacos

I'll be back soon with an update on my recent travels, but first I have something really important to discuss:


If you live in Southern California (well, California in general, but really: So Cal) then you will likely have a go-to taco place. This, for those not familiar with having a plethora of Mexican food within a 2-mile radius, is different than having a go-to Mexican restaurant. A taco shop is something sacred, and having a good one available for when you need it is vital to one's well being.

However, I'm embarrassed to admit, when I went to school at UCSB for four years, I wasn't aware of this importance. I thought that Freebirds (the original, huzzuh!) -- with it's gargantuan burritos and Himalayan slopes of nachos -- was enough. Boy was I wrong.

Jon, my darling love, is from Santa Barbara proper and is blessed to know the ins and outs, curves and slopes of her, so upon our recent trip up there, he and his Best Friend Forever, Becky, took me to Lilly's Taqueria -- just off of State Street, and not far from the Downtown that I frequented for four years. They took me there because they know best.

My better half has talked to me about Lilly's many times since we got together. When we were long distance, before he left the warmth of paradise to be with yours truly in her cloudy Northwestern metropolis, he would talk about how he'd "just eaten at Lilly's" and "you've got to try their eyeball tacos."

Well, needless to say, I had no interest in eating eyeballs, despite how normal-meaty they allegedly were.

Finally, we all went together (Jon, Becky, and me) and I played it safe. I played it safe, but goodness, it was delicious and genuine.

Asada is grilled cooked beef. Adobado is grilled marinated pork. Simple. Uncomplicated. I ordered one of the beef and two of the pork. Entirely satisfying.

If you find yourself in Santa Barbara, you can either be brave like Jon (he ordered lengua [beef tongue, his fave] and ojo [beef eye]) or a wimp like me, but either way, you will certainly be commended for your good taste in taco shops. The locals will give you all the cred.

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