Friday, October 14, 2011

Food Friday: Feierabend | German-Style Pub Fare

The Huhnclub Sandwich mit Pommes Frittes from Seattle's German-style pub Feierabend in South Lake Union.

I broke my week-long, post-oral surgery, soft-food-only rule with this:

Chicken breast. Bacon from Bavarian Meats in Downtown Seattle. Mixed greens, tomato, and chunky garlic mayo. A crown of crispy, fried onions and a skin in the form of an Essential Baking Company baguette. A hefty side of skinny parsley fries and curried ketchup rounded it off.

I might have hurt myself eating this sandwich, but it was so worth it

Jon and I pass this pub every single day on the way home from work, and every day it is packed, but we had never gone before. That is, until yesterday when I told Jon to stop the car and park so I could eat a fatty carb-filled pub dinner at 4 pm. So we did and my taste buds rejoiced.

It might be one of my favorite things to do: spontaneous food outings. I'm not a very spontaneous person in general (I like planning), but when it comes to food, I'll never say no. I'm susceptible to peer pressure. An unexpected sweet or salty snack never sounds like a bad idea.

"Feierabend" is a word that means "quitting time" in German, used to signify the end of the work day. This spot is one of the only pubs in this particular corner of SLU, surrounded by apartment complexes. It's nestled. It feels like Europe in there.

With the pain from my surgery acting up again, I will likely return to the land of mushy rice, eggs and bananas, so please... this weekend, for me, eat something magnificent.

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