Friday, September 23, 2011

Food Friday: Voodoo Doughnut | Maple-Bacon Bar

There are lots of reasons to go out of your way for good doughnuts, mainly: the fact that they're doughnuts, but Voodoo Doughnut has taken things to the ultimate hipster level. I'm pretty sure there isn't anything sweet and yummy out there that you can't find on one of their sugary colossus dough heaps.

Last weekend, visiting Portland with a handful of friends, we spent the afternoon browsing Powell's and rewarded ourselves with a tasty treat, just down the road. To satisfy my ultimate craving of sweet & salty, I naturally ordered a maple-bacon bar.

Here's the thing though -- and I'm speaking to you directly now, Voodoo. I love maple. I love bacon. But what I love more than anything with my sweet & salty snacks is balance.

Unfortunately, the maple-bacon bar is about 90/10; the maple-to-bacon ratio was way off. The sweetness was so intense, and there wasn't enough saltiness to overcome the severity of the sugary maple.

Here's what you guys need to do:

Same amount of maple, but instead of two pathetic, measly strips, you need to crumble up a bunch of bacon and lay the maple bar directly on top of the pile. Then you'll have a thick layer of maple, coupled with a nice, dense, crunchy layer of bacon.

Mmmm. Sounds so good. Get on it, really. You'll make people so happy if you stop being so stingy with the bacon.

Psst... Doughnut fans: While you're there, don't miss out on any one of their cereal-topped doughnuts. It's like being 10 again... but this time no one is telling you sugar is bad for your teeth!

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