Thursday, August 18, 2011

Can I Haz Food Plz?

Fry is always starving. Coincidentally, as of late, I am too. Finally we have something in common. But unlike my orange, furry son, I have been extremely busy lately with work and cleaning and being an angry diet-monster. My energy level has been the lowest of low, so writing has not come easy. It will pick up soon, I'm sure of it.

Oh, and even though Mr. Fry complains (loudly), don't let his Disney-eyeliner-eyes fool you; he's well-fed on fatty fish and the occasional fly/spider/mosquito-eater. Me, however... I would kill a man for a B.L.T. w/ avocado and a cold whiskey-coke.

Such is life.


  1. Now all I can think of is a B.L.T.A. Or a B.L.A.T. Blat. I want to eat blats forever. Team Blat.

    I mean, um, GO DIET!