Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lazy Weekends

"Sea Bed" painting by Clare Elsaesser of Tastes Orangey

It's almost June.  Normally, by this time of year, "almost June" would mean weekends of picnics in the grass, some urban hiking, dog park trips, and wearing nothing but dresses.

Sadly, today we saw the continued trend of 50º temperatures in Seattle and mere moments of sunlight (that, in and of itself, a blessing) scattered through thick oceans of gray.  After 8 solid months of cold, this weather has become physically, mentally and emotionally exhausting.  So instead of spending Memorial Day and our 3-day weekend camping on Orcas Island or enjoying the beach at Alki, our weekend will focus on something different:

Sleep. And doing as little as humanly possible.

If this weather can have no other positive outcome, it is at least an excuse to sleep with as much vigor and purpose as possible.  There is no question that Jon and I are sleep deprived, and I am starting to wonder if this weather-induced, physical depression I've been carrying with me could be responsible for my many restless nights, and my inability to sleep in when I actually have the time and ability to do so.

Going to sleep at night and getting up in the morning has always been a struggle for me, but with the regularity of my schedule and consistency of my diet, I can't quite wrap my head around these bouts of insomnia and extreme sluggishness.

What I really need is a nap in the grass under the warm sun, and the presence of a cool breeze a welcome relief from the heat, rather than a constant reminder of a never-ending winter.

Good night friends.  If I can't have warmth and sunshine this holiday weekend, I hope some finds you.


  1. I feel you on the sleep, sister-friend. It's almost 4 and I've yet to get to bed. I hope you get rest soon. Love you!

  2. I can't really relate to the weather you're trapped in, but what I can say is that there's nothing more conducive to sleeping in than a cold, cloudy day. You work hard, you stay busy, give yourself this.