Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I'm taking a break from my normal fare to touch on something very, very important.

With a little less than a month before the election, my attention is slowly being drawn away from defaming television ads, political femme fatales like Sarah "Wink 'Cause I'm An Idiot" Palin and Cindy "The Position of Satan Was Already Filled" McCain who talk so seemlessly out of their asses, and, of course, McCain and all his bullshiting glory.

I absolutely hate doing what I'm about to do because I absolutely believe in jinxing, and I'll never feel completely confident until it actual happens, but I'm just gonna say it:

Barack Obama will be the next president of the United States of America.

But James Carville said it best. "Call in the dogs, piss on the fire, the hunt is over." Or something like that. And it's true. End of story. *insert feeling of uncertainty here*

What worries me now is the threat of Proposition 8. This, of course, is the prop that wishes to overturn the California ruling that legalized Gay Marriage. To vote YES on this prop is to take away this right.

I'm suddenly afraid that people aren't really seeing this as a serious threat. According to various articles, some about Mormons and others about sad sad sad young people, there are huge movements underway to see that this prop passes. It frightens me to no end that something so great for gays and lesbians can all of a sudden be turned over and thrown back in their faces like they are nothing, like their lives and loves mean nothing.

It's been a long time since I've been actively involved in gay and lesbian rights; I feel a little detached from the community in the last couple years because my gay friends have gone off for other things. And even though there are only a few people who read this, for some reason I feel it's necessary for me to reach out and plead that everyone VOTE NO ON PROP 8!!

Tell your friends. Remember to vote. There is a very, very real possibility that this will pass. That cannot happen. It cannot. We can't let this state -- this country -- take another step back, as a result of hate and fear.

Elections must stop being driven by people who are afraid and who judge others.

Remember: Vote NO.


  1. STACE! How perfect! I'm in an internet cafe right next door to a gay and lesbian bookshop called 'Gay's the Word' and I so want to get something for you from there! I love you and fully, adamantly, fervently agree-- NO on prop 8. I can't even capitalize the stupid thing because it makes me too angry to press shift and p simultaneously through the shaking. Call you soon!

  2. Stacy Thanks for posting this.

    We've been panicking and shitting all over the place around here over this proposition. I too am confident that the presidency will be Obama's. But I'm absolutely terrified that we'll lose our rights here in California.

    Yes Vote No.



    We have to do everything in our power to save same-sex marriage in CA. I feel like this proposition will either be a HUGE leap forward for the gay rights movement, or a disastrous push back from the religious right.