Saturday, March 22, 2008

On the Road, Part I: The Rules of Subaru Tag

People in Oregon are nice. The people who are driving, the people who are walking past, the people who are pumping your gas. This is interesting, considering the intensity with which the cloud-cover can shift and how depressing the condition of so many buildings seem. A little state where developments and cities are rare.

The kids here must want to shoot their brains out.

The expanse of trees is breathtaking, and its strange to know it only gets greener the more north you drive. And if the people continue to get nicer, I may start freaking out a little.

Maybe its all just a facade for depression? Maybe it's just an ignorance about how terribly mean people can be just a few states southward? Either way, I think Europeans need to come to Oregon and learn a thing or two about customer service from the pump-guy at the Shell station off the 101. (But dudes, gas is effin' expensive enough without me having to tip the guys for pumping it -- which, of course, I do and will continue to do, 'cause duh... But still: I'm poor.)

Obviously our drive is meant for picture-taking -- we are desperate to not be skimpy on pictures. Here is me in the land of Stand By Me (actually, it's Shasta CA, but whatever -- the train tracks are there.) And there was some snow, too.

This place is all kinds of ready for our arrival.

Even the bottom of the Pacific Northwest is an entirely different country than California -- though NorCal tends to be... You know. People are courteous drivers. L.L. Bean and Northface and Dock Martin are the designer labels of choice.

And everyone drives a Subaru hatchback! (Hence our new road game, Subaru Tag -- Avaryl is sooooo winning.)

Our first day was pretty great, just to up Ashland, so I'm used to the drive. The very hospitable Chris Kong let us invade his little "cottage" and even got us comp tickets to see Altar Boyz at the Oregon Cabaret Theatre. The show is a fine satire of hip-hop and Catholicism. A fabulous night at the theatre, save for some retarded people.

Two great performances can't always make up for the dreadful ones. Oh well. C'est la vie. At least Chris was incredible, as to be expected.

Driving now, through the wilderness that is Oregon and oh-so-very-close to Washington. Headed directly up to Forks: an entirely different type of wilderness. Mr. Joe Gunn (reportedly) has so plainly asked, "Who goes to Forks?!" Yes. Who, indeed. Apparently Twilight-obsessed fan girls with too much time on their hands and an odd fascination with photo-opportunities.

People are going to think we're freaks, but you know what? WHO CARES! We'll just avoid the locals at all costs. But we are not ashamed. Future updates will further reveal this.

Two thumbs up for Oregon. Despite some places being a prime location for a pick-ax, slasher movie (what the hell is up with the Enchanted Forest?!? 'cause inquiring minds want to know!), the state is beautiful. Amazing what trees can do to spruce a place up.

Heh... see what I did there? Hey! Subaru! *smack*


  1. Dad and I are enjoying an entire day with nothing to do. Loved this. I think you should consider writing for a travel magazine. A tongue-in-check view of the Pacific Northwest. Very funny. Can't wait to read more. BTW started Ender's Game. LOL

    Love Mom

  2. love love love love it! and it makes me homesick to boot. xxxx