Thursday, May 10, 2007

He Will Rock You

In one of those brilliant casting moves that makes you think there really might be a god, Sacha Baron Cohen has just been attached to play Freddie Mercury in the upcoming biopic on his life, death and, well, music of course.

It almost hurts how obvious this choice is.

Can't say I am too fond of biopic, music movies. I just don't think that most people are interesting enough, nor is their music
that impactful (Beyond the Sea, Bobby Darin, anyone?)... The same story recurs and recurs: singer struggles, singer succeeds, singer makes stupid choices, singer finds love, singer is resurrected, singer is made legend.


But Freddie Mercury takes fascinating life to an entirely new level. This man
is a legend, if ever there was one. A born entertainer, a true revolutionary of music, and his sound will NEVER be duplicated.

He is Queen. Queen is legendary. And Freddie was SO interesting and messed up.

I agree with Avaryl when she says that it's probably for the best if Sacha doesn't sing his own vocals. But I only agree with this statement if he can't get the voice exact. If he can, he should sing. It'd be very tough though.

This movie will be biopic magic. A spot-on casting choice along with one of the most captivating life/death stories in music history. People will see this for Sacha
and for Freddie and Queen.

What's not to love?

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